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Koh-SamuiOf course for many, the lure of Koh Samui is the sun, sea, sand and laid back lifestyle but there is far more to the island than just tropical sandy beaches, azure waters and palm trees. Thanks to the Santiburi golf club, Koh Samui is an exciting destination for golfers, but, if you don’t have golfing skills to show off on the islands world class golf course, why not enjoy one of these two fun variations of the game?

Frisbee Golf

If you can tear yourself away from a relaxing afternoon on a beautiful beach, Frisbee Golf is a fun way to cool off under the canopy of the jungle trees. It might sound like a gimmick but Frisbee golf is a real sport that started in the 70’s in the USA and is also known as disc golf. It is played much like traditional golf but instead of a ball and clubs you use a disc, better known to us as its brand name Frisbee. The Frisbee is thrown from a tee area to an elevated metal basket. The player then progresses down the fairway; he or she must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. Like traditional golf, there are trees, shrubs and terrain changes providing obstacles to navigate which certainly adds to the fun. Unlike traditional golf you don’t need to rent a cart and it’s designed for people of all ages, males and females and does not require a bank loan to play!

imagessamui-frisbee-golf Staffs

The course in Maenam is open most days, if you want to play you can just call Nigel on 0816767754, the cost of playing is just 100 baht and you can play all day if you want to. Nigel has refreshments in his ‘club house’ and if there are a few of you playing he is happy to put on a BBQ for you, call him to discuss offers and prices. He can accommodate up to twenty if you fancy a long afternoon of fabulous food and fun.

Football Golf

Football Golf is basically golf with footballs, bigger holes and no clubs; it is a fun holiday activity that can be enjoyed by any number of players and is here thanks to Tom Roberts. Tom’s idea sprang from playing football as a child on the beach back in the UK. To make the game more interesting he and his friends used to dig holes on the beach and test their skills by trying to get a hole in one. The game was quite a challenge; not only because of the required digging, but as most of you will know running on the beach is seriously hard work.To make life a bit easier they relocated to Tom’s garden and the holes were replaced by a chair that was moved around placed behind obstacles to make the game more challenging.

Football-Golf-Koh-Samui samui-football-golf kids playing football golf football golf

Tom had such fond memories of his childhood game he decided there was no reason he could not take it into adulthood and set out to rent some land and make an 18 hole football golf course, which is exactly what he has done. Unbeknown to Tom Football Golf was already being played in Sweden, a fact he only discovered while surfing the net once his course had been completed. Within weeks Tom had Swedish players enjoying the paradise version of the game and football golf officially took off in Koh Samui.

The course is beautiful and thankfully, in this heat, is protected by a canopy of trees and coconut palms. Of the 18 holes one is a par 2, seven are par 3, seven are par 4, and three are par 5. You will encounter bunkers, bamboo hedges, hills and piles of coconuts on your way round and all need to be negotiated! There are hardly any rules to learn, basically you just have to get the ball in the hole and to keep it fair the most you record that you went over par is 7! The course is open seven days a week from 9am until 6-30pm.




Luxury beachfront and hillside villas on Samui have become ever more popular in recent years and provide an alternative to staying in a hotel there are a number of specialized villa agents you can book through such as Mambo Retreats


Luxury villas worldwide via

600Mambo Retreats is a new on-line villa booking company, showcasing luxury villas in Samui, Phuket, and Bali, part of the Luxury Asia Lifestyles network of companies which includes Luxury Villa Samui a high end villa management company based on Koh Samui in Thailand.


Mambo Retreats will market and promote only high end villas in world class destinations which are managed by professional managements companies such as Luxury Villa Samui giving the guests peace of mind that the villa will be maintained to the standard they expect and the villa staff are of the highest caliber.

All inquiries are handled by the Destination Villa Specialist (DVS) who actually lives and works at the guests chosen holiday destination giving then the value of real local knowledge.

As you are dealing direct with the villa management company, you are guaranteed best price with no additional costs.

We will also be collating reviews on each and every villa to further help our customers make an informed decision.

All mambo Retreats customers will be met and greeted at the airport and taken by a private mini-bus or car to their villa where on arrival they will be met by an English speaking villa manager who will introduce the villa and it’s facilities.

You cannot buy your way on to Mambo Retreats it is by invitation only we can therefore maintain the quality of the villas we offer in our portfolio says Adam Keating Director at Luxury Asia Lifestyles.

Adam Keating also says we are firmly committed to our work in the community Luxury Villa Samui already support the Rotary Club on Samui and the Mercy Centre in Bangkok who look after poor children in the Bangkok slums many of whom are HIV.

Mambo Retreats will donate USD 25 to the Mercy Centre for every booking made through

We have already launched on Samui and Phuket and will shortly be adding Bali, Sri Lanka, Seychelles and Mauritius to our destinations.

For more information, please contact